Elite Story #8


“August 2012 I was diagnosed with a chronic health condition known as gastroparesis after being sick non-stop with what seemed like the stomach flu for over 8 months. I was also struggling with 2 autoimmune diseases, caring for my my 85 year old Dad with Alzheimer’s,my youngest son with autism and facing feeding tube placement for severe pain and nausea. My health was declining rapidly both physically and mentally. That is when I made the decision to get my life back through exercise and clean eating with Beachbody. I signed up as a coach and have never looked back. Not only am I now in the best shape of my life physically but I am learning how to get my life back through positive mental thinking. All my doctors are just amazed at the progress I have made and now I am on a mission to help others do the same. It really is true…”What doesn’t kill you makes you STRONGER!” – @utotallyamazing

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