Elite Story #5


“I was on my way to do make-up for a wedding party.. Next thing I know, I am screaming, trapped in my car. Drivers side down. This accident put me into a major state of depression. Has brought on anxiety because of the PTSD & PCS. I hated the world. This wasn’t my first accident but it was the worst. I felt unlucky & so much hate.. just 7 months prior, I had surgery for a rare breast tumor. I’d given up everything I was passionate about. Pitching, coaching, modeling and fitness. Not only did I feel miserable, I felt I started looking it, too.

It took me years to realize I could be much worse off. Though I deal with a sleeping disorder, stress, anxiety & yes, still battle the depression, I am still alive. I could have lost use of my limbs or even some motor-skills. I made the decision to stop punishing myself for what happened. I’ll never regret making the decision to take back control of myself. Fitness & modeling are my passion, my dream. As hard as it may be to find the positives in a bad situation, you must always try.” – @briellelynsestito

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