Elite Story #27

story 6

“The picture on the right does not display the heaviest I have been. I did not like taking pictures when I was big. My entire life I struggled with my weight. Honestly there is no easy way or easy fix, shakes skipping meals eating very little, these fabs may get you to shed but it does the complete opposite once you stop. Your weight will fluctuate and it is very common to gain what you lost plus more because your body wants to prepare and store whatever it can in case it goes back to that mode.

All I have to say is there is a light at the end of the tunnel and hard work and consistency pays off from my experience. I don’t keep myself on a “diet” I just change meals or recipes that I enjoy and make a healthier version of it. I work hard at the gym (heavy weights, yoga, circuits, cardio, Etc). There is no short cut if you want long term success and to keep the weight off. Put in the work and the results will come. –> @jay_linne #Health #Fitness #Motivation #Lifestyle #ExisElite

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