Elite Story #25

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“I can remember clearly the first time I had a full blown panic attack. Tunnel vision, shortness of breath, dizziness, & the feeling of paralysis. They started to increase in frequency.  Having 3 small kids, I KNEW I had to do something. I started working out at home and even though I had major panic/anxiety during the workouts I PUSHED through with mental strength.   My goal was to overcome anxiety & panic attacks (CRUSHED it!) and find confidence. Oh! And not be afraid of making mistakes in a group exercise class (hi, I’m the one that goes left when the class goes right–burns more calories. I have witnesses.) Then I wanted more speed, more strength, more endurance. Funny thing, I wanted to make MORE mistakes because to me that meant I was TRYING and LEARNING. Failing FORWARD.

After completing multiple home workout programs (INSANITY,  P90X3, 21 DAY FIX) I lost 40 pounds and became a Beach-Body Coach.  My goal is to connect and motivate as many people as possible and to empower.

I am also a Neograft Hair Restoration Lead Surgical Tech and Trainer. Endurance is important in the surgery room too! As well as my 1.5 hour commute to & from work! Find people who will PUSH you out of your comfort zone. Exchange high 5’s and sweaty hugs. Be stronger than your excuses! Every workout, every healthy meal is doing something good for you. The time spent should be looked at as making deposits in your health account.

The transformation doesn’t happen overnight and that is a blessing. If it did, we would miss the journey. Love yourself enough to strive daily to be the best version of you!” -Mylene Stingley

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