Elite Story #22


I started training back in April 2013. I struggled with drugs and alcohol much of my younger years from the age of 19-23. After I accepted I had a problem I checked myself into a rehab facility where I spent 6 months working on my mind through therapy and coping. One thing that suggested to me was to stay active therefore I got my very first gym membership at the age of 24… I instantly fell in love with the sport. I realized that I loved being around the gym so much that I got a job at a my local Golds Gym. Since working at the gym and seeing some great results, I picked up a local sponsor (Reflex supplements) — (@reflexburnaby on Instagram) They do all my meal plans, and take care of my supplement needs. As well I hired a close friend of mine who is a WBFF pro for my coaching & posing/ etc… I started at a weight of 129 lbs 6’1, a very sickly physique look. Starting with no direction in life to fast forwarding to today I am very proud to say I am 185lbs 6’1 chasing a dream to become an internationally known IFBB pro physique competitor. My first show is in exactly 7 weeks! The Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic in New Westminster BC.

Not only does working out fulfil a dream of being in peak condition, it also helps me stay focused on a healthy drug & alcohol free lifestyle. As well this gives me purpose and direction continuously which teaches me patience, focus, and determination. Fitness is a huge part of my life that I enjoy and love.

I hope this helps my viewers understand what this means to me.

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