Elite Story #14


“My best friend died in a hunting accident, and I was in a pretty bad spot in my life. i wasn’t paying attention in school, almost got kicked out of college, and really had no direction. out of no where i realized that I was only hurting myself, and my friend would have wanted me to make the most out of the time I was given. so I started to focus more on my courses and lifted weights in my free time. I pulled up my grades, graduated on time, and found a girlfriend I plan on marrying. all the while I have transformed my body from being 130lb scrawniest guy you have ever seen, to 160lbs of muscle and certified in personal training. now the people who once laughed at me walking in the rain to go to the gym by myself, ask me for advice! we all start from some where, but what really matters is the effort that we give and never giving up.” – @skinny2buff6

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