Elite Story #12


“I wasn’t always overweight, but I let the pressures of being a single mom and wanting more for my kids push me into a mind set that I wasn’t a priority in my own existence. It wasn’t until I reached 290 pounds in 2012 that I realized how healthy I used to be and what I’d let myself become. I kept saying I’d do something about it tomorrow, or next week. I finally told myself that I owed it to myself and to my kids to get healthy and fit. It’s been a struggle but I I’ve lost 65 pounds! I stay motivated by thinking positively and looking at the bright side of every experience in my life! As I continue my journey, I strive to motivate others and show them that anything is possible! I want every person to see their worth and to know that every failed attempt is a stepping stone to success.” – @shanwithaplan

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