Elite Story #26

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“I had severe pre-eclampsia at 25 weeks pregnant and delivered my son at 26 weeks. I gained 80 pounds of water weight and was extremely sick. I almost didn’t make it nor did my Son. Here I am down 50 pounds and 35 plus inches overall. All from working out at home! I am stronger, leaner and more confident than I ever was even before my Son. I have it all to thanks to him.. He is fighting his fight as a MicroPreemie and I am fighting my fight to be the healthiest Mom I can be for him. 13 month journey from 265 pounds to 215 and still going strong! -@JessicaWalesaFitness #Health #Fitness #Mom #Fitmom #ThinkForward #ExisElite

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    Hello! Cool post, amazing!!!

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